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Your bathroom is a wet area in a residence that contains various important sanitary fixtures and appliances that are in constant touch with water and thus prone to moisture due to the high level of humidity. In a wet area like a kitchen or a bathroom it is very important to carry out professional waterproofing to ensure that no moisture can seep in through the walls or the floor that may ultimately lead into other areas of your home causing significant damage.

Waterproofing of your bathroom, if not undertaken right at the time of construction can lead to a variety of problems such as:

  • Rising of damp through floors, walls etc through capillary action.
  • Formation of mold due to the presence of moisture that runs into the depths of your foundation, if left unattended.
  • Corrosion of plumbing and ultimate breakdown due to constant rusting in contact with water.
  • Risk of electrocution from water dripping into light fixtures that may even cause a fire and ruin your home.

Who can help?

To prevent any such problems it is imperative to consider waterproofing of your bathroom by professional waterproofing service providers like us who have through our extensive experience attained the trust of our clients over the years. According to the construction of your bathroom, your budget and preference we offer a choice between waterproofing methods such as rolling out of rubber sheets or using liquid membranes that can be applied with a brush or a roller. In the present day, liquid membranes though slightly more expensive are finding more takers due to its ease of installation and flexibility.

Why choose us?

When you opt for professional waterproofing services in Bangalore you can be assured of reliable and professional services by experts. You can call or mail us to schedule an appointment during the construction of your home. Our experts will visit the construction site, survey the space and fixtures and recommend the best waterproofing solution that is suited to your bathroom. Only after you are satisfied with our quote and give us a go ahead on the job shall will begin the project with an estimated timeline that we provide upfront.

Being top-notch waterproofing solution providers in Bangalore, we use the best quality waterproofing materials to ensure that there are no failures at a later stage. It’s not just the application but also the preparation that we pay adequate attention to. We clear the surface from dirt and dust to ensure that the waterproofing material like a membrane bonds properly and does not peel off over time. When done properly, a good waterproofing solution will last you a good decade or so without any trouble. What’s more it contributes greatly towards the overall moisture control in your home.

Thus if you are seeking quality bathroom waterproofing solutions, give us a call today for a fair and reliable assessment of your waterproofing needs today.