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When the tiling of a new home or reconstruction of a old home is underway, it is likely that you are agonising about the right choice of tiles and grout comes as a mere afterthought. But if you ask professional grouting services providers in Bangalore, attention to grouting deserves much more respect and attention. Apart from playing the all important role of holding the tiles of your choice in place, it serves as an important waterproofing element in the wet areas of your home.

Choosing the right grout

The most common grout that is used in India is cement based grout as described earlier. While it is the cheapest form of grouting, durability is questionable. Epoxy grout is fast emerging as a material of choice for grouting in modern homes. As professional grouting experts in Bangalore, we believe that epoxy grout is more effective, as it uses two different resins that is mixed with a filler to provide a foolproofing waterproofing solution in your kitchen or bathroom.

Keeping in sync with the modern times, there are different types of epoxy grout available. For instance, there are some epoxy grouts that are specially designed for glass tiles. The filler in the epoxy grout for glass tiles is finer, and is so constructed not to scratch delicate tiles. We thus recommend matching the grout you are choosing to your tiles to make a seamless installation as well as enhance the look of your bathroom or kitchen.

Choose the best in the business of grouting

If you are confused about the choice of grout, we are always here to help. As professional waterproofing service providers in Bangalore, we understand the fact that grouting services cannot be taken lightly and you will need the job to be done in a manner that it lasts you for the long haul. You can depend on us for reliable grouting service be it in a small apartment or a large commercial area.

However, you need to bear in mind that with constant exposure to moisture, grouting is subject to wear and tear and even molding. It is thus mandatory to inspect grout lines periodically to ensure that it is in good condition. Any crack, peel or discoloration must be paid attention to immediately for prevention of serious damage. Molding is one such issue with grout. Grout is essentially made up of resins and thus is porous. When you find mold appearing in the grout, there is a likelihood that moisture has seeped in. Molding if left unattended can lead to structural damage.

As professional grouting experts in Bangalore, we can not only can we provide the best grouting services from scratch in a new residential or commercial place, we are equally adept at various other grout related services such as restoration projects, grout cleaning and tile repairing. Upon your call, our experts will visit the site and identify and solve a host of grout issues that include grout haze, dirt in grout, mildew and stains, improper sealing and inconsistent grout colour. On your approval we will begin the job with the estimated deadline stated upfront. So if your home or workplace is in need of grouting, now is the time to schedule and appointment with us!