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Waterproofing your pool is an important part of the construction or the repair of your swimming pool. The primary reason to waterproof of your swimming pool is to prevent it from various types of leaks. Whether it is several small leakages or one big leakage in your pool it can result in the wastage of the essential resources like water and energy.

Timely repair and waterproofing of your pool by professional waterproofing services providers  can help keep your pool in ship shape and maintain the facilities for a longer time.

How to recognise signs of a pool leakage?

There are many possible signs of pool leakage that include the following:

  • The pool water needs frequent replacement.
  • Chemical treatment of the pool more often than the past is also a sign of possible leakage
  • Puddles of water outside the pool without use
  • Cracks in decking of the pool that may eventually lead to larger cracks in the pool.

If you see any of the above mentioned signs in your pool, it would serve you well to call upon the services of professional waterproofing service providers in Bangalore immediately to prevent further damage.

Swimming pool waterproofing materials and methods

As top rated waterproofing service providers in Bangalore we assess each pool individually before we take a call on the choice of material that is best suited to the pool in question. Here are some popular choices of pool waterproofing materials based on our experience.

Pool paints

There are two types of pool materials that are used for waterproofing pools. These are chlorinated rubber paints and 2 pack epoxy. While this is a quick fix method for pools that have a fairly new construction, it is crucial to select the material that is perfect with your pool.

Pool membranes

If your pool is inground or located in a place that experiences more ground movement than often, pool membranes popularly known as pool liners are highly recommended. These are essentially PVC membranes that are UV treated. These membranes can be used effectively to cover your whole pool.

Cementitious coatings

If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective method of waterproofing your pool, cement based coatings that contain active additives are the perfect solution. These can be used to make decorative tops over the swimming pools as well.

Resin based material

If you specifically looking at filling some cracks that have appeared in your pool, resin based products may be just the thing you are looking for. The advantage of using resin based products is that they can expand and contract with any additional movement around the crack. However you need an expert from a trusted waterproofing service provider in Bangalore who can inject the cracks with this material and fill in the cracks effectively.

As is evident there are many products and methods in vogue for swimming pool waterproofing. However, only an expert can help you come to right conclusion with the choice of material for waterproofing services. Whatever be your waterproofing needs, feel free to give us a call for the best in class water proofing services.