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Slab leakages means that water is passing through upper or lower  slabs in your  home. In case of an upper slab leakage you will find water dripping in particular places in your ceiling, making the monsoons unbearable in certain rooms of your home. In case of a lower slab leakage, it the more often than not the old plumbing to be blamed that. Corrosion of the pipes underground pipes that are directly in contact with the soil is evident. These pipes constantly in touch with the slab construction ultimately lead to seepages due to pressure over time.

The many dangers of slab leakages

Leakages in your home through the upper or lower slabs can not only be irritating, they are harmful in more ways than one. Leakages cause moisture to enter into your homes and compromises its safety. For one, the growth of mold and mildew gives your home a musty smell and spoils the appearance of the walls. Secondly, damp walls make the inmates of the house sick and make children and the elderly especially susceptible to a host of diseases. If not paid attention to on time, constant water seepage can bring down your home like a house of cards eventually, when faced with nature’s fury.

The only solution then is to deal with seepages in slabs as soon as they occur. We are experts in waterproofing solutions in Bangalore equipped to address problems of upper and lower slab leakages deftly and in a cost effective manner. If your house is a very old one, that may not have been waterproofed at all at any time, you may have to consider waterproofing both the roof and the basement to protect your home completely. However, if the problem is restricted only to leakages in the slabs it can be taken care of merely through new age waterproofing solutions in Bangalore that we provide.

New age waterproofing solutions

We recommend durable and light weight membrane based waterproofing solutions for leaks in upper and lower slabs. This is a quick and easy to apply waterproofing solution, that is equipped to retain dryness, is resistant to acids and salts and is puncture resilient. Membrane based waterproofing solutions is not only cost-effective it is far more efficient than bitumen based waterproofing methods that disintegrates due to constant contact with water. Further, over a period of time it also prone to mold and fungi attack, thus bringing down its resistance.

Why choose us?

As top notch waterproofing service providers in Bangalore, we provide repair services for all upper and lower slab leakages. Our experts come to your home and evaluate the extant of damage meticulously and offer the most cost effective and efficient solution that is suited to your needs. Trust and reliability being the pillars of our work philosophy, we ensure that our waterproofing solution lasts you comfortably for at least a decade. Once you are satisfied with our evaluation, we begin the project at hand and deliver the appropriate solution flawlessly. So, if you have identified leakages in the upper or lower slab in your home, now is the time to give us a call!