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Permanent Water Tank Waterproofing Solutions

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If leaks or hairline cracks are not paid timely attention, water borne problems can create havoc in the society and thereabouts and may turn out to be time consuming and expensive to correct. Timely waterproofing solutions in Bangalore by a team of experts can address the issue of leaks and cracks and keep the community safe.

Water tanks are meant to store water safely without leakage of any sort. If any small leakage is left untreated, over time it leads to the formation of algae and fungus that leads to the weakening of the structure. Besides a little chemical in the water from the source of water supply acts as a buffer against contamination. However, if there is a leakage in the water tank, groundwater chemicals can also contaminate the drinking water badly which can cause serious diseases especially for infants and the elderly.

The best way to reduce the likelihood of problems is to select the best waterproofing solutions for your water tank. When talking about conventional water tank waterproofing solution, the most commonly used solution is cement slurry. However as cement is a material that is less flexible, cracks appear over time. Hence, while cement slurry waterproofing may seem adequate, it only arrests damage and leakages temporarily and may soon result in a recurring expense for your building.

Latest waterproofing solutions

Modern day waterproofing solutions from top rated waterproofing solutions providers like ours recommend the use the several modern water tank waterproofing methods such as the follows:

  • Use of heavy-duty waterproofing coating that easily last more than five years and is perfectly safe to store drinking water.
  • Use of sodium bentonite that is a clay like material. The advantage of sodium bentonite is that it absorbs water and swells up to fill up cracks and leakages effectively.
  • Use of integral crystalline waterproofing systems which can effectively create a chemical reaction within the concrete and cause crystals to form. This fills up the gaps effectively and creates a permanent solution.
  • Use of self-adhering rubberised asphalt membranes that can create efficient waterproofing barriers.
  • Use of liquid membranes that can be applied with the roller or the spray method to create a seamless and rubbery wall coating.

Before we take on any water-tank waterproofing project in a society or a building, we being professional waterproofing solutions providers in Bangalore inspect the water tank thoroughly before we suggest the best solution based on our expertise. Depending upon your budget and the area that you live in, we come up with a proposal that we think is best suited for your water tank water proofing needs.

Once you accept our proposal, we treat the surface to clean it of any dirt, chemicals, oil and other lose particles. Next we check the tank thoroughly for any cracks and undulations. The next step is to grout all construction joints before we apply waterproofing material. Depending on the material of choice, it may take about three to four days before the area is completely dried out and ready for use. So if your water tank needs waterproofing feel free to give us a call today.

Lastly, and most importantly, we assure our customers that the use of our state of the art waterproofing methods does not hamper the taste of water and is completely safe for the consumption of drinking water.