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Best Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad

Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad

basement waterproofing

A wet and damp basement can turn nightmarish for the home owners. Even a small trickle of water is an indication of a leakage issue and must be addressed immediately. We provide expert support and supervision when it comes to basement waterproofing. We have a comprehensive selection of services. One good waterproofing service is enough to keep your basement dry for several years. After the sump and pump installation, you won’t have to worry about flooding or snow or dampness in your basement.

Water has an incredible ability to seep into the smallest cracks and weaken the structure from the inside. When noticed, our services availed immediately can save costs and lead to less hassles. Our team ensures that the structural repairs fix the root cause of problems and it lasts for years. Sealing and filling cracks in the basement prevents leakages. It is important to have drainage in your basement so that the water does not clog. We also repair basement staircase and windows if they leak.

Sump and pump systems are the best way to keep your basement dry. Our team installs sump and pump systems in the lowest basement of the house. These pumps are used along with drainage facilities to form a system that pumps water out of the house. This system requires low maintenance and is easy to use. Our dedicated team will cover the entire installation and waterproofing project, allowing you to have a hassle-free experience which is cost-effective.

Terrace Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad

Outdoor living spaces have become more popular in the recent times. Terraces and balcony structures are an integral part of our living space. Terraces are tricky when it comes to water drainages, because of a flat smooth surface. Water can remain clogged up on rooftops which may eventually seep through the tile and cement cracks into your home interiors.

We provide both preventive and curative waterproofing services for terraces and rooftops. Rough terrace floors are not recommended, as these provide nooks and crannies for water lodging. Our team suggests keeping a slope of about 1 to 100 in the terraces. We also waterproof by covering the terrace with a triple-layered, high quality waterproofing membrane. This membrane is placed on top of the structural slab. This is then covered up by a layer of cement or filler material, before moving on to the finishing layer of tiles or bricks.


We send out a highly trained team of professionals to carry out a site inspection in case of leakage complaints. These experts analyze and evaluate the root cause of the problem and generate a report detailing the best recommendation for products and chemicals to be used. We send out transparent quotations based on the level of work required, at the best market prices. We undertake projects for residential, commercial and government spaces. Our Nano-technology based products have 20+ years of life and are able to penetrate through the finest cracks for waterproofing.

terrace waterproofing

Grouting Contractors in Hyderabad

grouting contractors

We have served a wide clientele over the past few years. This reflects in the testimonies and positive feedbacks of our satisfied clients. Grouting is basically a process of covering the cracks and crevices in the floor or walls with grout. Grout is essentially a mix of water, cement and sand in varying proportions, depending upon the requirement of the place. Grouting helps to seal off the walls and floor tile gaps to give you a finished look. Grouting is also crucial in covering up cracks and preventing them.


We have been carrying out grouting for residential and commercial building spaces for the past several years. Our grouting process starts with an inspection, followed by drilling holes along the cracks. All cracks are cut out to form a wide groove, which is later filled with cement mortar. The procedure then follows up with filling water in the holes and draining it out, to clear the pathway for grout.

We ensure that premium quality materials are used. After mixing, the grout is kept constantly agitated till it is filled up in the holes. This is followed by a 14 day supervision period. Grouting keeps the dirt, debris and pests out of your walls and floors and increases the strength of the structure. We offer pressure grouting, injection grouting, PU grouting and tile grouting. All these services are provided within a tight time frame and at the most reasonable and affordable market prices.

Roof Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad

Our roof waterproofing solutions make your rooftops completely leak proof. Rooftop gardens now become a real possibility, without worrying about its impact on leakage. Waterproofing membranes provide an economical and easy fix for most leakage problems. We ensure that all protrusions and contours are properly covered up. Made up of high quality polyester, the membranes are tough, elastic and resistant.

We also offer an additional heat resistant thermal coating for the rooftops, which can reduce indoor temperatures by 10 degrees approximately. Our polyester membrane has been tested to withstand the extreme temperature changes and the expansion/contraction of the rooftop during summers.

Our waterproofing solutions for your terraces will be customized according to your requirements. The base cement for slopes is usually mixed with some integral waterproofing lime based products. This is topped by the membrane and additional masonry work. For keeping rooftop gardens, a more intensive waterproofing is usually required to manage the dampness. For existing roofs, we use products that are lightweight and can be directly coated over the rooftop, thus eliminating the need to crack open the roof.

Our heavy duty products are also environment friendly and comply with all safety norms. They can be laid quickly and safely, without causing any structural fatigue or damage. Whether you have RCC roofs or sloping ones, we have a solution for everything. It is always advised to go for the best quality waterproofing system available, even if it is a bit high on the price.

roof waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad

bathroom waterproofing

Leakages in bathrooms look bad and are also a source of diseases and infections to spread. If treated or repaired incorrectly, it may lead to significant costs. Waterproofing is actually really simple. All one needs is a proper inspection, skilled execution and elimination of the problem from the source.

We send out a team of experts to conduct a detailed inspection and detect the problem at its root level. Especially for bathrooms, the plumbing is inbuilt which makes it difficult to detect and correct leakages. Our team has several years of expertise in solving this problem.


The main aim of waterproofing bathrooms is to prevent water from seeping through the floor tiles or the bathroom walls. Service pipes and fittings under the floor are susceptible to shifting by constant water flow, thus causing leakages. We coat about 300 mm of wall height on all sides of the bathroom covered by a base waterproofing membrane to direct all the water to the drainage outlet. This process is known as tanking.

We also coat the edges along the floor and walls with sand based thick cement. This layer will also cover the protective membrane. Waterproofing adhesive under the wall tiles and the use of the correct chemical compound is also crucial when waterproofing bathrooms. Our team of experts is responsible for bringing the best quality materials and solving all your problems of bathroom waterproofing. Our services are fast, reliable and generally affordable.