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Terrace Waterproofing Contractors in Mysore

terrace waterproofing


The roof is one of the most important parts while building a house. It is also the most affected in case of nature like rains, snow, heat, dust etc. Especially during rains, the terrace can get significantly damaged if not painted and waterproofed in a proper manner and can also often cause leakages through the terrace into the house which is of great loss to the homeowner.


We offer waterproofing services of the highest quality for your terraces whether they are flat or sloped terraces giving them a strong and sturdy finish so that they are durable against the strong rains and do not leak easily. We also offer various types of waterproof coating for the terraces like acrylic coating that has a fairly good life expectancy of around 5 years and is also eco-friendly and UV resistant meaning it does not get damaged by the sun and dust easily.


We also offer waterproofing membranes for flat terraces which are a waterproof material and are continuous offering no path for the water to enter through the structure into the house thus preventing leakages. Over this a final layer of tile or stone is applied which can withstand outdoor conditions effectively thus protecting the membrane layer from the harsh effects of nature.

For smaller details like drains, expansion joints or wall-floor corners, we offer special waterproofing elements like butyl strips, gauze or tapes which help provide an additional waterproofing feature at such points where leakages can occur more commonly due their geometric complexity.

Roof Waterproofing Contractors in Mysore


The roof of the house is subject to the harsh weather all year round and proper care and waterproofing must be done to ensure that they do not leak. Problems like leakages from ceilings below the roof or terrace, seepage into the slabs on the terrace or roof and dampness in the walls of the parapet can cause huge damage to the house and can spoil the looks of interior expensive paints.


We provide waterproofing for roofs, for example a waterproof coating applied by acrylic brush for very large terraces that bridges up cracks, has a long life expectancy of around 5 years and is eco-friendly along with being UV resistant. We provide excellent and tough waterproof coating solutions that help in the waterproofing of roof leakages.


Traditionally a strong, waterproof coating is applied under the slabs of the terrace to prevent leakages in the roof or terrace and the buyer can choose from the many durable and sturdy options that we provide for waterproofing of roof leakages and terraces. If your terrace starts leaking one needs to remove the existing brick bat layers and apply a fresh coat of the waterproofing layer and also the insulation layer.

We provide waterproofing layer of strong elastomeric polymers that can handle severe weather conditions all throughout the year and prevents leakages in the roof or terrace of your house and keeps the interiors of your house safe and sound. Thus, waterproofing of the roof is extremely essential while building the house.

roof waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Mysore

basement waterproofing


Basement waterproofing is necessary for your house as it protects the structure of your house. Moisture or water in the basement of your house can lead to time consuming and costly repairs of the house and can cause toxic mold and structural damage.


The main cause of this is improper waterproofing of the basement of your house and also due to improper drainage and soil systems, poorly maintained gutters that may be clogged, improper slope, hydrostatic pressure, which happens due to accumulation of water around the foundation of the house, cracks in the basement of your house and due to condensation, which can cause immense structural damage.


We provide options like waterproof sealants and exterior waterproofing to help waterproof the basement of your house. We provide professional services for exterior waterproofing that involves excavation of the surrounding soil around the foundation of your house which is a labor intensive process and requires the use of heavy machinery and tools. We also provide the waterproof sealant of good quality to be applied to the exterior walls once the soil is removed from around the house foundation properly. We provide sealants of a polymer base which lasts for the building’s life and is extremely sturdy and long lasting. We also provide exterior waterproofing services during the construction of new buildings or houses.

Thoroughly examine the drainage services around your house and ensure that they are not clogged or blocked as this could lead to moisture retention in the surroundings of your house.

Grouting Contractors in Mysore


Grout is a mixture of sand, cement and water and is utilized in pressure grouting and embedding of rebar in the masonry walls or for connecting sections of concrete, sealing joints between tiles, filling voids etc. We provide the right materials necessary for the formation of the grout and also offer grouting services to ensure your house is sealed properly from all edges.


We use materials like sanded grout for filling gaps or grout joints which is mixed with fine sand so that it is able to better fill up a larger joint rather than shrinking. We avoid using sanded grout for polished marble or for any other surfaces that can be scratched easily because the sand can scratch and damage the surfaces.


We also provide unsanded grout which is used for narrower joints as this type of grout, usually shrinks significantly while drying out and is also called as wall grout or non-sanded grout. We also have epoxy grout that is used in areas with high exposure to grease or acid. This type of grout provides great protection against grease, acid and stains and hence is mostly used for kitchen countertops and other areas prone to spillage. This type of grout is much harder to apply in places as it dries out very fast. Epoxy grout is also more expensive than the other types of grout, but we provide it at reasonable prices.

We provide professional services for applying the grout to tiles and floor joints which is allowed to dry for 20 minutes and then rubbed off with a sponge which smoothens out the grout lines.

grouting contractors

Bathroom Waterproofing Contractors in Mysore

bathroom waterproofing


Bathrooms are the places where the most amount of water is used and this makes it extremely necessary for houses to have properly waterproofed bathrooms to prevent leakages. The maintenance cost for bathrooms can sharply go up due to leakages which may keep reoccurring if one does not get proper waterproofing done.


We provide a suitable waterproofing membrane with a cementitious base and a suitable polymer applied by brush for bathroom waterproofing which is called tanking in this case and the slope must be effectively maintained to direct all the running water to the drainage outlet. We also provide for the corners between the walls and the floors to be rounded by a polymer that is water tight and mixed cement sand systems along with a thick cemented sand mortar which is laid over the membrane used for waterproofing before the laying of the embedded pipes in the bathroom system.


We also provide tough waterproofing tape so that the pipe joints are well protected and prevents leakage. We also provide waterproofing tape for various floor traps and pipe insertions around the bathroom and cement is avoided for fitting of pipes to masonry gaps. The masonry gaps are fitted with our cementitious non-shrinking grout to help ensure tight pipe fittings in and around the bathroom which helps prevent leakages in the bathroom.

We also provide waterproofing membranes for the walls of the bathroom and for shower areas that are elastic enough to accommodate movements. We also provide a waterproof adhesive for prevention of leakages in dry walls and for protection of water splash areas beneath the tiles.